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In this writing we would like to say hello to you and offer our tourist products with the objective of promoting Costa Rica as a green destination offering tours in Costa Rica for the people who is looking for what to do in Jaco, Costa Rica.   It is our mission to lead the sustainable tourist development of the village of Tarcoles, attracting businesses and schools on a national and international level through the planning of offer creations and tourist packages, which are attractive to the profile of each operator   Also offer bird watching tours in Costa Rica, because in this ecosystem you will have the great opportunity to see different species of birds from mangrove areas and from Carara National Park, basilisks, iguanas, some mammals such as the howler-monkey and white-headed capuchin and in addition we have one of the largest populations of crocodiles to enjoy the Adventure in Costa Rica   It is worth mentioning that Rio Grande in Tarcoles is located near the Carara National Park, in the Central Pacific of Costa Rica, which is a forest in transition where more than 400 species of birds come to live. During the tour, we will visit the Guacalillo Mangrove, which is one of the country’s most fragile ecosystems and special for bird watching tours. Our tour is recognized worldwide, and has contributed to research on the American crocodile with specialists from National Geographic, Discovery Channel and of course the State Universities of Costa Rica.   All our boats have a roof, comfortable seats and safety required to enjoy the whole tour, we also have all the legal documents up-to-date as well as the declaratoria turística (I.C.T.) – a certificate from the Costa Rican Tourist Board.   Note that we have private facilities, ample parking possibilities, a restaurant service and souvenir shops.